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Is there a link between Lipstick and Personality?

Apparently lipstick says more about a woman than what her favorite lip color is. According to one test, the shape of a woman's lipstick tip can tell a lot about her personality! Use this chart to discover her or your personality secrets! Below the lipstick and personality chart is what was reportedly the method that originated the findings. No matter what, its good for some fun!
1. Stays close to original tip slant • Abides by the rules • Great follower • Does not like too much attention • A little self-conscious • Somewhat reserved • Likes a schedule • May occasionally color hair to   attract attention
2. Rounded, smooth tip • Easy going • Peacemaker • Even-tempered • Steady Likable • Generous
3. Sharp-angled tip • Opinionated • High-spirited • Dislikes schedules • Selective of friends • Outgoing • Likes attention • Argumentative
4. Sharp-angled, curved tip • Creative • Enthusiastic • Energetic • Talkative • Loves attention • Falls in love easily • Helpful • Needs schedule, but dislikes one
5. Tip rounded to a point • Lovable • Family-oriented • A "doer" • Can give orders easily • Domestic • Exaggerates sometimes • Stubborn over little things • Needs people around
6. Flat top • To the point • High morals • Needs approval • Careful about appearances • Very dependable • Conservative • Quick mind • Loves challenges
7. Flat top concave • Makes a great detective • Makes friends easily • Inquisitive • Adventurous • A 'prober' • Complex • Exciting
8. Sharp angles both sides • Spiritual • Curious • Seeks attention • Mysterious • Big ego • Faithful • Looks for easy way • Loves life

Procedure for the Lipstick Personality Profile

Have participants determined which lipstick shape best matches the shape of their own lipstick after they’ve used it a while. Ask them to divide into groups based upon their lipstick shape. They should discuss: a. Is this an accurate tool? b. What can individuals with the associated traits can contribute as a leader? c. What can these individuals contribute as a team member? Ask each group to decide on the greatest traits and the greatest challenges of their personality type and share this with the entire group.
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