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Life is Too Short to Waste

Life is too short, and far too precious to waste so much as a moment of it, much less gamble with it. Too much time is lost to needless misunderstandings and tensions. This booklet cannot possibly cover everyone’s unique and individual situation in any detail. It’s intent is to provide some basic guidelines; your own intelligence will enable you to extrapolate what you need to better understand your own particular circumstances. Your life is valuable and finite. Each moment you spend in a relationship which doesn’t fulfill or completely recognize you, is a moment you will not have again to spend in one that does -- with someone who appreciates and loves you for what you are, as well as for what you aren’t. It is an accepted fact that a large percentage of a person’s success in life is directly attributable to the quality of his or her loving relations. Therefore, it should stand to reason that ANYTHING we can do to directly improve that quality makes a great deal of sense. Much of what I’ve said amounts to simple common sense. Perhaps therein is the reason we often overlook it - because it’s simple ... simple in a world where complexity is the accepted order of the day. Opposites do attract, but if the degree of difference is too much there exists much possibility for problems to arise. Just remember that the root word of opposite is `oppose’ -- and from there make a determination of just how much `opposing’ you’re prepared to accept in your life. Being that all of us are different from each other means that no one rule, book, or strategy can apply unilaterally. This is especially true where emotions are concerned. Therefore what is written in this booklet, as well as what you may read in other publications, must be taken only as a guideline to be adapted to your particular life and circumstances. Definitive statements made are for the purpose of underscoring a principle of common sense -- how you apply it is up to you and your own good sense. In this day and age, the traditional values of faithfulness and monogamy make more sense than ever -- your very life could be at stake -- also the life of someone close to you. It makes no sense at all to take a chance, but complete sense to choose the right partner, stay with him or her, and enjoy the happiness, security, & safety of a balanced, mutually rewarding life together. No diversion, distraction, or ‘change of pace’ could possibly be worth the serious ramifications potentially involved, or the risk of losing a worthwhile partner. Our world & society provide many sources of uncertainty, confusion, and danger. Within the shell of a flourishing relationship you’re shielded from much of it. Anyone can find such a relationship provided they do so with the right criteria, and without unreasonable or unrealistic expectations. In terms of overall success, the peace of mind it will afford you is priceless. My wish is that you find such a relationship for yourself; the happiness you deserve as a human being; and the contentment so many people unfortunately never find. Every one of us is different, unique, & individual. As much as we may be similar, it’s the differences between us which make us interesting and complimentary to each other...

The Five Top Characteristics of an Ideal Partner

*based on a survey of over 1,500 people.

For the Guys 1. Sense of Humor 57% 2. Warm and Loving 51% 3. Intelligent 50% 4. Common Interests 37% 5. Good Looking or Good Company 33%
 For the Gals 1. Warm and Loving 66% 2. Sense of Humor 58% 3. Honesty 43% 4. Intelligence 37% 5. Dependability 35%
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