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Healthy and Happy Love Relationships. Originally written in 1986, and a free online guide to time-tested attitudes & tips since 2001.

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This information was originally published for people from dysfunctional backgrounds and situations who were seeking a framework to understand why their personal relationships were not working out ... romantic relationships in particular! Later it was reformatted for use with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Victim Services Section as support material for individuals confronted with domestic abuse and / or violence. This online presentation about healthy personal relationships is offered free to read with the hope that readers will find some insights into their own lives even though not involved in any form of abusive or co- dependent situation. The principles herein are valid maxims for most relationships even outside of romantic ones ... communication, trust, honesty, compassion, empathy and fairness. The information here is compiled from a wide variety of sources and has intentionally excluded filler information. It is meant to be a down-to-earth, easy read that can be referred back to as simply as possible.

True love is a wonderful thing

- false love hollows the soul like nothing else.

About The Author Paul Jacobsen has been studying human behavior for over 25 years. In the 1980's Paul sought to understand the difficulties faced by people who had grown up in dysfunctional families. This lead to considerable research of this as well as other factors that influence the manner in which individuals either succeed or fail in personal, particularly intimate relationships. The journal you are reading is distilled from that research as well as his ongoing inquiries and a host of 'self- help' books on these topics. It is a blend of consistent findings from many sources and specifically excludes case history filler stories which so often clutter the information and message contained in many books, making it straight forward and to the point throughout. His compilation of findings also excludes the "if so" factor so often also present. This means that considerations presented do not automatically assume or assert that other problems exist if one is present. Only the reader can determine that. Healthy, Happy Love Relationships seeks to be an easy-to-read 'companion' to the reader ...rather than a sterile and clinical dissection of an individual struggling with issues close to the heart. It is written as a 'quiet conversation with a friend' ...as opposed to an admonishment from a detached 'expert'.

Enjoy - Be Happy - Love & Be Loved Fully

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It is sad not to love, but it is much sadder not to be able to love. — Miguel de Unamuno