In this journal are lessons learned by myself and many others which may begin to answer that question for you -- but most of the answer already lays right within your own heart and mind. The intent of this journal is not to prescribe or dictate rigid maxims for success. Instead, its purpose is to clearly indicate an outline which can be applied generally, yet allowing for the uniqueness of individual people and couples. In this way, it’s much like a `paint by numbers’ picture -- the outlines are there, but each one will be different as each `artist’ applies colors most pleasing to him or her -- most in keeping with his or her own surroundings. That being said ... please read on! Associates Advertise About This Contact Privacy Relationship Tips More Articles Lovers Clip Art Passion vs. Lust  Travel Advice Healthy Happy Love Relationships There are two ways to read this site. • Picking a chapter using the button on the menu, or • Page by page in order - using links at page bottom. Note!
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